& Lucy

Are married!

  • Friday 11th July 2014

  • Christchurch, BH23 1DN

~ About Us ~


Chris is an enthusiastic web developer who has lots of passion for computery things. He is very intelligent and tends to give you lots of useless facts. He has also trained at moorlands bible college for several years. When at college Chris worked at Christ Church Elim (now known as Christchurch Christian centre) which became very important to us.

I love how obsessed chris is about technology and all things nerdy. Once he talks about something he is interested in, he can talk to you about it for hours. He is funny, sarcastic and makes weird cat noises, which i think if he was an animal he would be some weird breed of dolphin and cat. He never fails to make me laugh with his ridiculous randomness.

We have been together now for over 5 years which is a pretty long time. Most of which we have spent long distance, which has been tough but has definitely made our relationship stronger. He is my best friend and i cannot imagine my life without him. I am so blessed to have such an amazing, encouraging and supportive fiance and i am soo happy that he has chosen me to be his wife. Nothing will make me happier than being able to spend the rest of my days with Chris.


Lucy is a trained masseuse trying to get her foot in the world of complimentary therapy, doing the best she can at the moment in high-street retail. We've set her up a sole-trader, Lavender Stone, where she's slowly but surely making her way into the industry.

Lucy must have the world's most loving and caring attitude to life. She looks after me, probably too much, and has the hugging strength of a grizzly bear, she is an awesome chef (ask her about the peanut butter curry!) and is the cutest thing since sliced bread.

But don't listen to everything she say's about me - she is equally as weird. With an obsession with Panda's which borders on the psychotic, it's safe to say that she thinks panda's are cute. Especially sneezing baby Panda's.

We've been through a lot together; a few sad times but lots more happy times. Following God's calling to Bible college, and leaving Lucy behind for three years was very hard, but we made it! It was pretty obvious to us both that we couldn't live without each other, and the rest of our soppy story is yet to come.


You can download our official photography in full quality below. Why not visit our amazing photographer, Allan Kendall, and see some of his other great work?

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